Bitcoin Fog

Access to Bitcoin Fog

How to Access Bitcoin Fog Mixing Service?
You should only follow the three steps below:

What is Bitcoin Fog?

Bitcoin Fog is the first tumbling service operating in the deep web. It was launched in 2011 by the team of independent developers and recently it became the most popular bitmixer on the onion domain zone. Bitcoin Fog offers the best privacy you can get from the Bitcoin mixer. The main aim was to improve the weakness of the bitcoin network. It's not a secret, that all transactions in the bitcoin network can be traced. Every chain of blocks is opened for public access in blockchain, which means that third parties have access to all information about money transfers and balances on bitcoin addresses. Also, it is easy to reveal your identity during exchanging cryptocurrency into fiat currency without using mixing service. Bitcoin Fog uses multiply innovative methods for mixing your bitcoins. The incoming deposit is divided into smaller parts. All these parts are mixed with freshly mined (virgin) bitcoins. The process of tumbling is automated and it takes from 40 to 120 minutes, depending on available reserve. After this procedure, cleaned bitcoins are ready for the withdrawal on your other bitcoin-address. There is no connection between sent and received coins.

How does Bitcoin Fog work?

The first step is registration. Then you need to deposit bitcoin to the stated address and wait until the transaction gets 3 network confirmations. When it’s done, your deposit is on your balance. Then you can make your withdrawals. We highly recommend withdrawing bitcoins to the few addresses. Thus, there is no way to analyze your deposits with your withdrawals on the blockchain.

For amounts above 20 BTC we recommend to wait 24 hours, above 50 BTC 48 hours, etc.

“Do I get the same bitcoins back or other bitcoins?”

You should understand that in bitcoin there are no “your” or “mine” bitcoins, nor are there “same” bitcoins. They are all just numbers. Whatever transaction you will get back from us will be just a number of bitcoins transferred to your address, not “marked” in any way. A link could be made if you would get paid from the same address that you have deposited bitcoins to. This is not the case with anonymix service as Bitcoin Fog. The coins you deposit actually stay on the random initial address we generate for you. In that way, you may get a payout from the pool, while your original bitcoins are still on the random initial account, not linked to your payout anywhere in the blockchain. Since it is just a bitcoin address like any other, there is no way to even see that you have deposited coins to Bitcoin Fog, and not to a random account you have generated yourself.

Another important thing to consider is the amount of your withdrawal. If you transfer 1.272 BTC to us, and the next day you withdraw ~1.27 BTC to another bitcoin address, that amount will be visible in the blockchain, and unless there were 10 other people that day that also withdrew just 1.27 bitcoins, the link between your deposit and your withdrawal will be pretty obvious. You will still have plausible deniability since nobody else has access to our servers and can actually prove that those bitcoins were sent from your account, but the link will be found nevertheless. That's why we recommend you never withdraw the same amount as you have deposited to one bitcoin address.

Why us?

Today, there are a lot of different mixing services, but most of them have different vulnerabilities. Some have a low-security level and some of them are easy to hack. Our service is the first mixing service on web and it works for a long time. We have professional secure web application developers, with big experience, because security is the most important for our service. We aspire to be a mixing service that works without any silly problems, such as losing its private bitcoin keys due to poorly configured backups or hacker attacks. Our service is running on a bulletproof dedicated server in the offshore zone, which is impossible to be seized. It is manually monitored and checked every day. Because of security, the service operates only through TOR network. If you use our official .onion address, you can be sure that your data is processed securely and only by our server. On the other side, we know that we will never be found by the competent authority and this also makes us feel more secure. (Even if TOR network would be compromised, we have taken all the necessary precautions to still stay hidden). Even though Clearnet services may assure you they’re not cooperating with authorities, they are easy to find. We might as well say that we not only not cooperate with the authorities, but it will be very hard for them to find us.

While other services disappear from time to time, our bitcoin tumbler is online since 2011. Thousands of satisfied clients from the deep web is a prove of our reputation.

We don't use any third-party trackers and all mixing process is accessible only in TOR browser even without using javascript.

Do you keep logs?

We keep logs only for 7 days for debugging and troubleshooting, in other cases, we will not be able to provide support for our clients. After 7 days all logs are automatically deleted and couldn't be restored. Also, you can delete your account with all data whenever you want. We clear our bitcoin client every week, so if you’ve received bitcoins from Bitcoin Fog a week ago, even the address will not be on our server so far.

Fees and requirements:

The Bitcoin Fog takes from 1% to 3% (randomized) fee on each deposit.
There are no other fees, no complex calculations based on the number of withdraws or similar.

The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.001 BTC.
We do wait for 3 network confirmations on all deposits to prevent double-spending.